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Hugo November 24, 2011

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It has been a while seen I have been emotionally moved by a movie. This Thanksgiving Day, I took myself to the movies. I had heard a lot about the movie Hugo. According to IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base), those who liked the Harry Potter films had also liked this film. So I thought, ‘why not?’.  I left the movie in tears. So here is my review of the movie:

There are two words that I would use to describe the movie Hugo, and they are: ‘Profoundly Beautiful’. Hugo, tells the story of a young boy who lives behind the walls at a Paris train station during the 1930’s. The movie offers us a mystery about Hugo, his late father, and a strange robot that runs on clockwork. The end result of the movie is a trip through cinematic brilliance. It is hard to imagine, that seeing bits of old movies molded together to tell a story is enough to bring a tear to your eye. But perhaps it is not just the movies, but the story behind it. It is everything that leads up to the end of the story, the actors portray their characters in such a way, that you can actually feel for them. It isn’t very often that movie characters feel real. But they felt real in this movie. You wanted each character to achieve their goals in this film. You wanted them to be happy.

And for once, I saw Sacha Baron Cohen…yes, the man who played King Julian, Borat and Bruno, play a role that brought the audience a comic relief, that needed no over the top acting.

The movie also offers an interesting perspective on life itself. Hugo tells his new friend Isabelle, that he sees the world as one giant machine, and that we, as people, are the machine’s parts. Therefore, we all have our purpose. He then asks her: “What’s your purpose?” Which got me thinking, ‘What’s my Purpose?’ Or perhaps, what are any of our purposes?

I think it is a journey each of us has to take, and maybe some of us have already taken it.