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My Disney Birthday October 17, 2011

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So I had a post that I thought I saved, but apparently it poofed into nothingness, which means I have to type it again. So I am now a quarter of a century, half of fifty. In other words….OLD. It’s kinda scary…but anyways, having your birthday at Disney World is quite fun. You can wear a birthday pin, and then everyone around you wishes you a happy birthday! My friends happened to be working on my birthday, so we celebrated a few days early…had lots of fun…

But anyways, last week I did Give Kids the World again, and this time I was with a little girl named Beth who was 4 1/2. She was so cute and so sweet…I try not to think about the fact that these kids are sick, and that they might not make it past their 10th birthday. It breaks my heart…

But onto something happier. Next week starts my holiday discount! 40% of merchandise, and other discounts are coming my way! It’s time to go Christmas shopping! Things will go quite quickly now, so I better get the stuff while I still can! 40% such a nice discount… 🙂

It’s starting to get chilly here…I gotta get a pair of white gloves for work. Knowing me, I will get cold hands! Not much else happening here…Halloween is on its way, and we’re wondering if people are going to trick or treat here around the complexes…we’ve debated having candy just in case…


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