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Give Kids the World September 22, 2011

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So Give Kids the World was an amazing experience. It was so much fun, I hope I can do it again next week! So what we did was, we went to the Give Kids the World village, which is a place where the families can stay during their trip, and everything is provided for. Some of these families are Make a Wish Families…basically we helped with the ‘Kids Night Out’ group. So as the kids arrived, they chose one of us ‘VoluntEARS’ (or troublemakers as we were called by the hosts) to be their buddy for the night. We then played games with them, had dinner with them, and then they had ‘Village Idol’ were the kids could do anything from bark like a dog to sing and dance.

It was so much fun, but at the same time…it was very sad knowing that these kids were very sick. I don’t think my kids was…he was the brother of another kid there…they came together. But both of them were very cute, and mine (his name was DJ), was a bouncing ball of energy…I spent a lot of the night chasing him around…so I can say that I’m quite tired…

So I hope to do it again, it was a lot of fun…plus I got a very cool T-shirt out of it!


One Response to “Give Kids the World”

  1. Julia Says:

    Sounds just like were you need to be, Jess……. xoxo

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