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So…we might be hit by a hurricane or tropical storm August 5, 2011

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Yes folks, you read it right…we may be hit by “Hurricane Emily” or  “Tropical Storm Emily”, it all depends on what she is by the time she gets here. Kinda scary…though I’m not too worried…I’ve been told that the Orlando area typically doesn’t get hit too hard, if anything it will be lots of wind and rain-and potentially not having to go to work because of parks closing. If Emily decides to visit..she’ll be here late tonight (Thursday) or on Friday/Saturday. Right now the sky is somewhat grey, but it doesn’t look too bad. I’ll let you know folks!

On a lighter note, I am loving Animal Kingdom. Love the better hours! No more late nights, it is a wonderful thing. And I got a new book today. It’s called A Bad Dog (a Love Story), the title should say it all folks! Perhaps I’ll post a review of it here…did I mention I saw Harry Potter last week? It was so sad..I cried…it’s all over. 😦 It’s so amazing…we’ve watched these kids grow up, and who knows what they’ll do now. Actually it doesn’t matter what they do, they’re set for life. Let’s just hope that they don’t do anything stupid.

So that’s it. Hurricanes…books…work…Harry Potter…

Not sure what else I can say…