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Animal Kingdom July 27, 2011

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So I am now at Animal Kingdom! Or DAK as it is sometimes called among cast members. I work at Theater in the Wild, where Finding Nemo the Musical is performed. I seat people, I handle the lines outside, and I tell people about any information they may need. Basically, I’m that annoying person telling you to slide all the way down…it is a lot of work! You wouldn’t believe what is happening while you’re getting a seat, or while you’re sitting down looking at our stage. So much is happening! I’m enjoying it so far…and soon, I think I will have every down, and it will all just be natural.

I got a camera the other day, and somehow at rather large scratch is on the screen…I think it might have been done when I was trying to get the memory card out, because I think I put it in wrong the first time. It’s a bit annoying…although the camera itself wasn’t really that expensive, it was about $40 dollars, and hopefully it will do its job. All the other cameras were like…$80 and up. I don’t think so…I just want a camera that will let me upload pictures straight to the computer. This one will do its job (I hope), and at least the scratch isn’t on the lens, so the pictures won’t come out with any marks on them. So hopefully I’ll be able to take some pictures with it soon…it said it needed at 2GB memory card…I have one of those, I just gotta work out…not very good with these things… :/

Anyways…that’s about it for now…I’ll try to get active with this blog again. Thursday I’m going to the Cool Beans Cafe again…should be a lot of fun, it was last time!


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