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Once again deployment…. May 22, 2011

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It seems that deployment is all I ever post about. Why? Because it keep happening every two weeks. It’s getting old. I’m sick of learning new things at new resorts, it really messes me up…and it stresses me out. I have no choice when it comes to being deployed…it’s just maddening! So next week I’m off to another four diamond, DVC Resort…The Boardwalk. Apparently, it’s a very nice resort, the stores have a great view, and it’s always busy at night…perhaps Disney is hinting something at me. Perhaps I should become a DVC member…yes…I’ll just fork out all the money I have….

It’s funny…I’m done with Merchandise by the end of June, and it’s June now. This deployment thing has been happening every two weeks for me. My friend Jamie has been deployed five times in a row, and this is now my fourth time. It’s almost like I can’t call the Grand my home resort anymore because I keep getting put somewhere else.

It’s not that I don’t like being deployed, it’s normally a good experience, the only thing is…it is stressful. You’re with people you don’t know, and everywhere things are done differently, and sometimes it seems that they expect you to know how to do things their way as soon as you walk in the door. And if you ask for help, they treat you like you’re stupid. And now for a week, I have to learn a new bus time-table. At least I don’t have any early morning shifts…it seems like I’ll be getting fairly normal buses. And I only have three night shifts that end at 11:30, the others end around 7-9.  And I only have one day off that week… 😦

It looks like I’m going to be in their main store and their ESPN zone store. Don’t ask me about the ESPN zone…I have no idea what’s there or what it’s like…but I’ll find out. It also says I have one day in their ice cream/sweet store, but my friend who was just there says that’s a lie. I can’t work there because I haven’t had training in serving food, so that means I’ll be in their main store that day.

This was kinda a rant, but it felt good to get all my thoughts out. Like always…I’ll post all about it once it’s happened…

That’s all folks!


One Response to “Once again deployment….”

  1. Julia Says:

    Breathe in breathe out….breathe in breathe out..Don’t stress. People’s reactions to you *not knowing anything* are just their problem. They would probably prefer to have a seasoned staff member. They should be used to have deployed CP staff and just deal with it. For some reason or another, they have high expectations of the deployed staff and when those expectations aren’t met they have a little hissy fit. It’s not personal and it’s not YOU! It’s them! And they probably don’t realize how they’re coming across…… Enjoy the Boardwalk.. it looks really nice…. xo

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