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The World Just gets Smaller and Smaller… May 17, 2011

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So while I was back at Animal Kingdom Lodge, I was talking to a couple and they noticed my badge and how it says I was from Sydney. The wife then told me: “Oh! My husband and I met in Australia while we were studying there.”  This surprised me, so I asked them “Oh where did you guys study?” Take a wild guess folks…where did this lovely couple study?

Yup! You probably guess right! (I know this because I know only about three or so people read this) They studied at The University of Wollongong! Small, small world…

And guess where they lived when they studied at UOW? Fairy Meadow! And then guess where they went to quite a bit? Balgownie! So yes…first American people I have met who actually knew that area….they even knew about Kiama! So that was very cool.

Anyways….today I went to Animal Kingdom, and like always I went to see the Lion King Show, because that show is the best Disney Show on property and it makes my day every time I see it. It has been my goal to get brought up on stage so I can roar like a lion with my paws in the air, and today was my day! I finally got to roar and briefly meet one of the actors in the show. Granted, I didn’t have a camera with me…and even if I did, I wouldn’t have anyone to take my picture, but I will always remember it. It really made my day!

It is a show I will never get tired of…I love it.  And I actually cried this time because one of the actors wasn’t there…her name means “Princess” I can’t say her Swahili name or even spell it, so I’ll call her that. “Good Looking” (again…can’t spell or say his Swahili name), the one who brought me on stage to roar, sings ‘Can you Feel the Love Tonight’ with her…but she wasn’t there for the first two shows because she was sick (I asked him this when  he brought me up after I told him my name and such). So he had to sing it by himself…for some reason this made me sad.

I didn’t see the later shows, but I asked a cast member if she had come back, and I was told that was good.

Not much else to say, getting my mane cut tomorrow!

So that’s all folks!


2 Responses to “The World Just gets Smaller and Smaller…”

  1. Julia Says:

    maybe all this small world stuff means you’ll end up working in *a small, small world* ride… 🙂

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