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Hello all May 10, 2011

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Just a random post here…so I’ve been deployed again! This is getting old now…apparently you’re supposed to get an even amount of deployment time when you’re a CP or ICP. So that means that all the CPS and ICPS at the Grand Floridan should be deployed once maybe twice. But this is my THIRD time…my other friend has been deployed FOUR times back to back. My other friend has only been deployed once. It’s getting rather annoying, and what I’m really annoyed about is this is my friend’s last week at the Grand, and due to our schedules I probably won’t be able to say good bye to her. I’ve got the crazy shifts that end at midnight this week…and two of them end at 30 minutes past midnight. The good thing is, I do get to sleep in because I have no shifts that start in the morning.

Anyways…things are still going good here…but here are a few things  that are puzzling me.

1. So we switched rooms around March I think. Rio left the toilet brush in our bathroom (our bedroom is the one with the bathroom in it) and now she apparently wants money for it…Katelyn told me this. Rio hasn’t said anything to me or Emma, but this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, especially if we may switch rooms again, or even switch apartments. (Which is possible due to apartments getting renovated). It’s a cheap little brush…and if she really wants the money she can come to me or Emma.

2. Rio, and Dieu no longer want to share washing detergent. We still have that big tub, but they’re buying their own now, so Katelyn has started to as well. So apparently, once that tub is gone, then we have to buy our own. Again…why? Is it so hard for one of us to buy a big tub once the other one is gone? Now I’m trying to remember what brand we bought when we lived here. We’ve been using the powdered stuff…is it okay for me to switch to liquid if I do?

I dunno…it just…puzzles me.

I think that’s about all for now…


4 Responses to “Hello all”

  1. Julia Says:

    Things like this will happen when girls get together in an apartment! 🙂 No real biggie, but it is rather odd. Did Rio buy the brush, or did you both chip in?

  2. Julia Says:

    So you’re going to have 6 boxes of detergent taking up space? Is it all about brand name??? Girls, girls, girls!!

  3. paddedpup Says:

    Rio bought it originally, and it was some cheap thing. I was sick of being hassled…I gave her two dollars, and I think Emma did too. Personally, I think she wants the extra cash for when she goes to New York…

    and as for detergent….I guess so. I think it’s stupid, we can all take turns buying the thing…I dunno…but I suppose I’ll be buying a box soon

    • Julia Says:

      well done, keep the peace! just make sure she stays away from your washing powder…:-P I’ve told friends here of this little episode and they all think Rio is a bit of a nit twit. xo

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