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The Wilderness Lodge April 25, 2011

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Well, I must say that my stay at the lodge was very nice. They were quite welcoming there, and were very willing to help out when I needed help. Many interesting things happened (see the previous post), and I was even able to create a magical moment (more on that in a moment).

The one thing that I wasn’t over the top about was the costume. It felt like I has stepped out of Little House on the Prairie-wait a minute, that’s not Disney, that’s Hallmark. Maybe I should say I stepped out of Old Yeller then, which of course the majority of you should know. The shop also constantly played wild west music, which made me think of “High ho Silver away!”, but other than that, I enjoyed my time there…

But onto my magical moment. The moment actually starts at the Grand, while I was in Commander Porters. If kid’s come into the store with their parents, we ask them if they’d like to write a note to their favourite Disney character, which they can put in our mailbox, which will then get delivered to the Magic Kingdom. This family from Wales came in with their kids, so I asked the kids if they’d like to write their favourite character a letter, and they all did.

The two little girls wrote to Alice, and the older brother wrote to Buzz. I looked at the letters before I put them in the box, and what I saw made my brain click. Both the brother and the middle sister had asked the characters to visit them at the Wilderness Lodge…and I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do something….” I talked to my manager and we eventually came to the conclusion that I could talk to the managers at the Lodge when I went there for my deployment.

Cut to the Lodge, when I went there to get my costume and such, I actually talked to one of them and he said he’d see what he could do. I later found out that they hadn’t been able to find them…but that day, who should walk into the store? You guessed it! They recognized me, and I recognized them. So I told them “Stay right here…” I found Justin, and we all talked for a bit…when the family left Justin got some things to give to them and wrote a note from Buzz and Alice..and then brought the items to the family in their room.

He said the kids were really excited and the dad even video tapped the whole thing! The kids were going to try to write a thank you note for Alice, Buzz, and the Princesses, Justin said that if they did, he’d be sure to get a copy to me.

And that’s one of the many things that Disney stands for. Persevering the magic, and keeping Walt’s dream alive.

Who knew that what started at the Grand would follow me to the Lodge?

On to today…I’m food shopping with Katelyn when she gets home and that’s about it. We have our second house inspection tomorrow, but I won’t be here for it because I have a 5 AM start..which means our senior stockers have called in or something like that. There’s another CP doing that shift as well, plus one full or part timer as well (I think). But hey…I finish at 12, which means I can then go home and go right back to bed!

That’s it for now!


One Response to “The Wilderness Lodge”

  1. Julia Says:

    sounds very exciting Jess. Got a little confused at the end with the *I have a 5 AM start..which means our senior stockers have called in our something like that.* It’s a typo for sure, but I’m slow this afternoon so I wasn’t able to translate. The senior stockers have called in….. what? 🙂
    Sounds to me like Walk would be very happy with you doing what you can to keep his dream alive.
    A 5am start!!! YAWN!!

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