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Animal Kingdom Lodge and then some April 3, 2011

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Or DAKL (Dak-el) as some people call it…working there was an experience, and I’m glad I had that experience and a chance to work there. However, I’m glad that I can go back to the Grand and I’m glad I’m going back. Working there was hard because I didn’t know anything…and doing the stocking shifts was just way over my head. It will be good to go back to go ‘home’.

There were some cool things about the place…first of all they have animals! Yes…you can see animals from your room there. Plus, if you work at a certain store, you can take a drink down with you for your break, which was really cool. It was different from the Grand.

I will say this though, my last day there I was floor-stock so I mainly stayed in the back room. I organised their drawers and they were very grateful.  They even took a picture of me with the clean drawers so they can remember how it looked after I did it. So that was kinda nice.

I go back to the Grand on Tuesday, so now I’m just enjoying my days off and relaxing. Tomorrow (Monday), I want to try to go to The Magic Kingdom early and TRY to get on the rides…who knows though…

Went to Wal-Mart today to get some basic things, but mainly so I could get a new card to reload my phone.

But there was another reason why I went there. I promised myself once I had a certain amount of money on the card they gave us, I’d buy myself something. And that something was Pokemon White for my DS. So now I have it and I’m happy. I’m stuck on my Professor Layton game right now…I need to find a site that can help me with the puzzle I’m stuck on.

I went to Animal Kingdom yesterday and when I went to the Lion King Show (which I always see) one of the cast members signed me up for first seating because I was there early. I was just talking to her about how much I liked the show and all that…and she told me to wait a moment, and then went away and came back and told me to sign in at about 10:30…it shocked me. She didn’t have to do that…but it was really cool.

And for the first time I saw the show being ‘signed’, apparently the people who know sign language, sign one show a day…it was so cool to watch them because they perform as well! It was just amazing…

I think that’s it for now…can’t think of anything else.

Time to play Pokemon


3 Responses to “Animal Kingdom Lodge and then some”

  1. Julia Says:

    does that mean I can bring the red one back with me…. 😛 ?
    There is no place like home….even if it’s The Grand!

  2. paddedpup Says:

    No place like home indeed….

    and I didn’t buy a new DS, just the game. I didn’t see how much they were…though it may be a good idea to buy one over here…I’ll try and do that when I get more money

  3. Thomas Robinson Says:

    Oooooo, Pokemon White!!!! I’ve been meaning to get it too. White seems to be the more popular of the two because all I can find on the store shelves is the Black version (white must be sold out). Anywho, I wasn’t sure which Professor Layton game you have so here are really awesome guide to all the games:

    Curious Village:
    Diabolical/Pandora’s Box:
    Unwound Future:

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