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Cool Beans Cafe and some other stuff March 23, 2011

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Too tired to think up a creative title…so here it goes.

The Cool Beans Cafe was a lot of fun. Free lemonade, fruit punch, coffee…there was karaoke, and the X-box game rock star. If you did karaoke (which I did) you got a free ceramic take away coffee cup! So I have one of those, and I played rock star as well, and killed my voice. Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer is quite hard to sing, but I did really well. Just had a bit of a raspy voice…I think I got a bit carried away with the “Whoooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Anyways, yesterday I went to EPCOT, and met some of the princesses…got Aladdin and Beast as well. Belle and Best have to be my favourite couple…I met Belle first and had to go back around 2 for both of them. Belle signs for Beast because she’s helping him with his spelling. So she signs it as “Belle and Beast”. She remembered me from earlier in the day, and introduced me to Beast as “my friend from Australia”…and when I told them that they were my favourite couple…the reaction was great. Beast was so cuddly! 😀

I also got my costume for my deployment. It’s a long tunic and some pants. It’s a really comfy costume…and I checked out the lodge so I have a better idea of where I have to go. I met some of the people as well, and they all seem really nice. So it should be a good week. I may even make some new friends…although I’m not looking forward to those early mornings…I’ll come home and go to sleep…

We got the  White Glove Award for our house inspection, which means our place was perfect! Glad that’s over with, now maybe everyone can relax..

That’s it for now guys…have a great morning, afternoon, and evening!


2 Responses to “Cool Beans Cafe and some other stuff”

  1. Julia Says:

    well done on the white glove award.. 🙂
    Sounds like you had a good day at epcot too. What did the audience have to say about your singing?? boos or yeahs….??

  2. paddedpup Says:

    The audience was very supportive of all the singers…both good and bad! 😀

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