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Deployment March 20, 2011

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Just a quick little post. I’m being deployed for a week starting next week (the 27th). They often do this with the people in merchandise, so it’s no big deal, and I’ll be back at the Grand after it’s done. I’ll be at the Animal Kingdom Lodge…and this Lodge has a Savannah…with real animals! I’m going there Monday to get my costume and then to check everything out so I know where to go. The one bad thing about this deployment is…I’m starting real early in the morning: 6, 7, and 5!  I start at 5 two days in a row, that means I need to call for the bus and ask for a bus that starts before the actual buses start! The good thing about starting early? I go home around 1 or 2.


It’s going to be interesting! I’ll be sure to post all about it once my experience is done!


2 Responses to “Deployment”

  1. Julia Says:

    WOW! Good for you. It’ll be tough getting out early, but to be at AK.. great!
    Is it a closer trip for you….?

  2. paddedpup Says:

    Yes and no…it’s about 20-30 minutes…but as I said four of those five days I’ll have to call in the day before the bus starts…not sure what’s that’s gonna do. I got my costume today, and checked the lodge out…

    Tonight I’m going to that Cool beans Cafe event that’s held once a month

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