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HUZZAH! March 11, 2011

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I think that title is a good title for this post. Why? I’ll tell you why…


Yes! It took me going to the show three times, but today I was chosen! I remember many moons ago my mum was chosen to go up as an extra. Me, being about six or seven, and still quite sure that what happens on the stage was quite real, thought she: A: wasn’t going to come back, or B: was going to get hurt. Of course, she came back and she didn’t get hurt. And today, like her…I was chosen to be a screamer! It was great fun! And because of my Shawn the Sheep bag, several comments were made, one of them being “Oh…a sheep? How realistic.” and another one being (after I reacted to a fellow extra ‘dying’), “Nice acting girl with the sheep”

And another really cool thing about the show…I got to shake hands with the stunt doubles for Harrison Ford and Karen Allen! So that was pretty cool as well!

And when my mum went up on stage all years ago, once the show was over people came over to my mum asking for her autograph. And no, no one came over to me…but about an hour or so later, I was sitting on a bench waiting for one of the street shows to start and little boy about 7 or 8 years old came over to me and said “Hey! I saw you on stage at the Indiana Jones show!”

Guess I made an impression.

And I got to speak with the citizens of Hollywood again! They remembered me, thanks to Shawn the Sheep. It’s always fun talking to them, because they stay in character the whole time. I got my picture taken with them, and I also got my picture taken when I was in my extra’s costume.

Look for pictures soon! I tried to get my photo’s developed yesterday but at Wal-Mart the guy a the photo center told me that they didn’t develop photos from disposable cameras to disks any more (or something like that).  That made no sense to me…so I went to Walgreens and their photo processor was/is broken. So…there will be some wait time for photos in general.

Well, I have an 8:00 start tomorrow morning, and I finish at 3:30…then it’s a week of closing! (blech)…I have Thursday and Friday off again. And on Monday I don’t start until five (which sucks), so I will probably try to go food shopping during the morning.

That’s all folks!


2 Responses to “HUZZAH!”

  1. Julia Says:

    like mother, like daughter….. 🙂

  2. Thomas Robinson Says:

    Indiana Jones extra???? LUCKY!!!! Sounds a lot more interesting then my job searching lol. And Shawn the Sheep, lol yes, everyone always remembers you when you wear that bag. Good to hear your doing well 🙂

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