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The Amazing Race March 7, 2011

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So The Amazing Race was a lot of fun…even though my partner and I lost. It would have been better if people hadn’t cheated. At the beginning we were told “no running” (for safety reasons). The team that won, ran the whole time. They did get time taken off because of this, but they still won. There were also times where you had to wait ‘in line’, I understand that it’s first come first serve, what I don’t understand is…my partner get told to wait ‘in line’ and then we don’t seem to get our next clue because everyone else jumps ahead of us. It might have been better if we had gotten different clues at different times that way we all didn’t end up at one place at the same time.

Ah well…it was two hours of not working that I was paid for, so it’s all good. I only wish that I had work first, then the race instead of the race then work. I was really tired afterwards.

So that was the Amazing Race!

And today I’m closing (again), but it’s a closing stocking shift, which is something I haven’t done before. Hopefully one of the senior stockers are there so I know what I’m supposed to do. Stocking means I can wear pants! And Sneakers!  And instead of looking like Mary Poppins, I look like I belong in a circus. But at least the outfit is comfy.

One more night of closing, then one morning shift, and then I have Thursday and Friday off!


2 Responses to “The Amazing Race”

  1. Julia Says:

    sounds like fun, Jess. Where did you close? You’ll be an old hand at closing in no time…and then you’ll be moving on….:-)

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