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The good, the bad, the strange, and the just plain cute. March 4, 2011

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Yes, all sorts of guests stay at the Grand.

You get the guests that think they are the most important person in the world and that you should help them and only them, and if you don’t have an answer for them, then you better find one, because they’re leaving the hotel in less than an hour, and if you can’t help them then the world will implode (And of course it’s your fault that they left their hotel room late). These guests are always hard to deal with. You just have to keep on smiling and not say anything rude to them.

You have the guests that are quite content in waiting for an answer, because they have plenty of time, and they’re just happy that you’re trying to help them, and even if you can’t give them what they want in the end, they are just happy you tried. I like these guests because they are always pleasant. Normally we can help them. Sometimes our shop won’t be the one that has the item they’re looking for, but we can always point them towards a store at one of the parks or at Downtown Disney. These ones are easy to deal with, and you can’t help but smile when you help them.

You have the guests that think (or at least it appears to be this way) that think we have an endless supplies of items in our stockroom. “Do you have this shirt in a smaller size?” And when we say that we currently have all our stock out, they always ask “Well can you check?” “…..” Normally we can, and we do…but it’s still annoying sometimes. If we have it all out, then we have it all out.

But my favourite guests would have to be the children. I love the kids…they are just so cute and they get excited about everything. We give them a sticker, and it’s like we’ve given them gold. I especially love the little girls who come in with their parents and they’re buying a princess dress and shoes for the princess dinner. I always tell them that the wicked step-mother and step sisters are going to be there as well and their eyes just go wide.

Then I tell them that the step sisters are going to be singing as well (remember how bad they were in the movie?) and their eyes go wider. The other day, a little girl actually knew the song from the movie and sang one of the lines for me: “Sing sweet Night-in-gale. Sing sweet Night-in-gale.” Too cute.

And when I tell them that they’re looking for the perfect prince and that their daddy better watch out the giggle. The dads normally love this. I had one respond: “The perfect prince? They found him!” The mums love it too they often say “Oh? They can have him.” One little girl clung to her dad and said, “No, they can’t have my daddy, he’s mine!”

Even when the kids are throwing tantrums because they’re tired, it’s still cute. I normally tell them that “You can’t be unhappy at Disney World. It’s not allowed.” The parents normally agree with this, and then I tell them: “You know…Mickey Mouse is like Santa here. He sees everything….”

It works…

Well folks that’s it for now. Today is food shopping day for me and then I’m probably going to the Magic Kingdom!

Have a good day!


One Response to “The good, the bad, the strange, and the just plain cute.”

  1. Julia Says:

    Great Jess! Just one typo.. you have price for prince. AT first price worked..*the perfect price* cos it sounded like your dad.
    I often wonder who you deal with… I know! xo

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