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Finally a blog! March 1, 2011

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Yes, I finally started a blog! I will now post all of my Disney adventures here, including some strange things that happen at work, or even some of the people I run into. You never know what will happen at Disney World, or even at the apartments where you live. Everyday is a new adventure.

Take this morning for example. It’s gone from being sunny and happy for weeks, and now it’s grey and wet. It’s an ‘Eeyore’ day. I’m glad I listened to the weather the other day and went out and got a poncho. I’d be getting rather wet if I didn’t. It’s about 10:12 right now, and I need to get some breakfast and start getting ready….I need to get a 1:00 bus or something like that.

I mentioned adventure right? Getting to bus to where I work (more on that later) is an adventure as well. The bus could be early, or late…you never know. It sucks that in the evening, if I don’t have a ride home, I could wait at least 30 minutes for one bus, then maybe 20-30 minutes for the next one. If I finish at 11:00…I don’t make it home to at least 12:30.

Anyways….this is just a test post…so I hope all of you enjoy your day!


3 Responses to “Finally a blog!”

  1. Julia Says:

    Well done Jess!
    You should post what happened in Lace… 😛
    It seems there are all kinds of things you can do on this site. The son of a friend who is travelling around South America has a great looking page.
    Have a good day at Sandy Cove.

  2. Dad Says:

    You go girl! Great initiative. I look forward to “participating remotely” in your adventure!

  3. Hey!! You started a blog! Nice!!

    Lol at ‘Eeyore’ day. I actually like those (maybe cause Eeyore is my fav character!).

    Yeah, buses suck. They are completely unpredictable. Welcome to the bus traveling life I’ve been living for the past 4 years lol.

    Good to here that your having a good time. Keep posting, fellow blogger!!

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